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About Us

Ben Wilder Co-founder & MD
“The technology behind VoiceNotes is bespoke and ever-evolving as we are consistently looking to increase security and protect client information. We are very proud of our intelligent technology workflow behind the scenes. I love running VoiceNotes.”
Marian ShepherdDirector of Operations and Client Services
“In business, the efficient capture of ideas and information and the subsequent clear, well-presented expression of that information to colleagues are crucial. It is always so rewarding to hear from our clients how VoiceNotes actively enhances the quality of their communication.”
Kirstie WhiteCo-founder & CEO
“I’ve helped build brands for leading FMCG companies (Procter & Gamble/Shell) for over a decade before I started to fund and launch my own businesses. VoiceNotes delivers the best service in the world and keeps ahead of the market – that’s enough to keep me focused and motivated.”
Phil MiloDirector
“We originally came up with the idea when we were out on client meetings, and although I could remember some things when my colleagues asked me for an update, it was embarrassing the little amount of detail I could recollect. VoiceNotes was one of those ‘blindingly obvious ideas’ that I knew would appeal to my financial peers.”
Zac BarrattDirector
“The Summit Group invested in VoiceNotes, as we felt it was a straightforward idea that everyone would like – and need! We weren’t wrong: the company is growing significantly taking on world leading banks and asset managers in its stride.”